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In 2020, with the occasion of the Rare Disease Day, Pfizer wanted to make its employees more aware about the diseases and how they affected people’s lives.


What we did


The goal was to make the employees more aware about rare diseases through patient stories.


We developed an Augmented Reality poster tour experience based on real patient testimonials.

The posters were placed on totems at the event. When a participant pointed the camera of a tablet towards the totem, a video with a patient testimonial appeared in AR.

This enabled Pfizer’s employees to be emerged in the stories of the patients and to understand the importance of their work and how it improves the lives of people suffering from rare diseases.

The app was developed for iOS devices and the experience was installed on tablets at the event.

Our team took care of everything, from the production of the totems to the renting of the tablets and the creation of the experience.