online experience

Create AR sharable experiences in Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Users can interact with 2D/3D elements or transport into an entire environment. These filters are very efficient for creating engagement with your customers.​
AR experiences are 200% more engaging as they deliver double the levels of engagement

The user’s experience

The user will interact with your brand’s filter on the most popular social media networks, such as Instagram or Facebook. They work like any other filters: the user enters Instagram, opens the camera, and the filter appears, showing different experiences (small games, animations, face filters etc)

The platform

The experience is designed for social networks like Facebook or Instagram

Benefits for the users

  • they have a unique, fun, and interactive experience with your brand

Benefits for your brand

  • you create an emotional connection with your audience through interaction
  • you attract the younger generation with the help of AR

Types of experiences that can be shown with AR filters


Face filters

3D animations

Background elements


The process

1. Understand your company’s needs and what would be the purpose of the experience

2. Brainstorm ideas and choose the best one with you

3. Decide the platform where the experience will take place

4. Create the graphical elements (the 3D animation for example), taking into account your brand-book

5. Implement the AR experience on the chosen platform.