online experience

AR enables you to reveal your new product online in an engaging way, which lets users interact with it and create a memorable experience.
67% of executives in advertising agencies say they look forward to using AR more.

The user’s experience

The users can experience a product launch online like never before. They can see the product, walk around it and interact with it from the comfort of their home.

The platform

The product launch can be done both on the web, from your website or it can be done in an app.

Benefits for the users

The users feel like they are being part of the event, and they can have all the time they need to see and interact with the product, without staying in a line to wait for their turn.

Benefits for your brand

  • Your company wont limit the number of persons who can see and interact withe the product at the launch, because everyone with internet access and a smartphone or tablet can take part.
  • The users will remember this event and the conversion rate increases.
  • The brand will differentiate from the others and will be associated with innovation.
  • The younger generations will be more attracted towards your brand.

Types of elements that can be placed in AR

From an interactive 3D model of a car, to the latest washing machine or refrigerator to a modular piece of furniture, we can help you reveal online any product you have.


The process

1. Find out what product you want to launch

2. Decide what is the best platform for the experience

3. Create the 3D model and set up all the interactive parts

4. Launch the product online