experience for in-store and online activations

AR changes radically the packaging of your products, letting users interact with the brand through experiences or games.
About One-Seventh of The Entire World Population are AR Users

The user’s experience

The users firstly open a link or enters your app. Then, their phone camera opens and they point the it towards your product . In that moment an AR experience appears, such as a cool animation or a short game.

The platform

The AR experience can happen online (on Instagram) or on a mobile app.

Online, with Instagram: an AR filter for your product will be created. When users open the filter and point the camera towards your product, the experience will be triggered. They can take photos or screen record the entire experience and then share it online with their friends. The benefit of using Instagram is that users don’t need to download another app and the whole process is easier for them.

App based: We can implement the AR experience on your app or we can create a mobile app from scratch.

Benefits for the users

  • they have a unique, fun, and interactive experience with your brand

Benefits for your brand

  • you create an emotional connection with your audience through interaction
  • you attract the younger generation with the help of AR
  • you can promote products with interactive labels.

Types of elements that can be placed in AR

3D and 2D animations



Interactive games


The process

1. Understand your company’s needs and what would be the purpose of the experience

2. Brainstorm ideas and choose the best one with you

3. Decide the platform where the experience will take place

4. Create the graphical elements (the 3D animation for example), taking into account your brand-book

5. Implement the AR experience on the chosen platform.