experience for offline events

AR can be used in various ways for entertaining your audience, from treasure hunts to interactive tattoos.
AR is 3 times more memorable compared to traditional non-AR media

Type of AR Experiences designed for Entertainment:

1. Interactive tattoos

Suitable for offline events

When users point the camera to the tattoo, an AR 3D animation appears. The experience can take place on Instagram or on a custom app and the users can take photos and record it, in order to share it with their friends. We provide the whole experience, from graphics to printing the tattoos.

2. Treasure Hunt

Suitable for offline events

We can create a custom Treasure Hunt for your brand. The experience will take place in a custom mobile app designed for you and the mechanism will be similar to the popular game Pokemon Go. How is this different from a classic treasure hunt? Instead of seeing a printed hint that helps you find the next spot, you open the app and point your camera to the designated place, where an AR hint (video or animation) will appear and guide you in order to find the next clues.