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AR lets users view and interact with products from the comfort of their home, through their smartphones. The benefits can be seen both in increased conversions and reduced return rates.
71% of consumers say they would shop more often if they used AR, as they feel more able to make confident buying decisions

The user’s experience

  • Firstly, the users can interact with a 3D model of the product, that can be rotated or zoomed in.
  • When they press the AR button, their phone’s camera opens.
  • The 3D model of the product appears as it would be in the user’s environment, with real dimensions and colours.
  • They can change the product’s position and move around it.

The platform

-The AR experiences can be both Web based and App based.

  • Web Based: AR will be triggered directly from your website, through an intuitive button. The benefit of the web based experience is that users don’t need to download anything as the experience appears directly in the browser.
  • App Based: AR functionalities can be implemented in an existing app. The experienced is triggered from there through an intuitive button. It represents an incentive for people to download your app, as it differentiates it from others. We can develop an app from scratch for your online store.

Benefits for the users

  • Users can see how the product really looks at the real dimensions and colours.
  • Helps clients in the decision making process, as they are more informed. Thus, the perceived risk in the online transaction is decreased.
  • Resembles brick and mortar experience
  • Interactivity and control create an entertaining shopping experience

Benefits for your online store

  • You create a virtual showroom that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere
  • The experiences can be used also in 3D ads and social media filters.
  • Improves the recurrence
  • Impacts loyalty and brand association with innovation
  • Increases interaction up to x4
  • Decrease returns up to x5
  • Can boost sales up to 60%

Types of products that can be shown in AR


Accessories (bags, jewelleries etc.)

Fashion items

Electronics and home appliances


The process

1. Obtaining the 3D models of the products

In order to create an AR experience, the 3D models of the products are required. If you have them, you can provide them to us, or we can create them through the precise technology of 3D scanning.

Having experience in working for e-commerce, we understand how important the logistic part is. Thus, we simplify as much as possible the scanning process. We come to your warehouses, to eliminate the shipping which represents a risk and an extra cost. We organise the project based on the existing product codes, to make it as clear as possible.

2. AR optimisation and implementation

You will have access in a platform where we upload the 3D models

We optimise them for the AR experience, adding the real dimensions and how the plane detection should go.

From this platform, the 3D models can afterwards be integrated in your website or app. We can take care of the integration, or your IT department can do it.