experience for offline events

Transport users into your brand’s universe.
Through the camera of their smartphones, users can see a portal that leads them to another world. They can move freely and look around the entire environment, as they were in the real room.
90% of consumers are saying that AR is fun.

The user’s experience

The portal can be accessed from the user’s phone or tablet, from home or from an offline event.

The experience is like entering a virtual world: the users have to move in the real life in order to explore the digital environment. They can interact with different elements from the space therefore they are truly immersed in the process.

The platform

The Portal can be both Web based and app based

Web based:

  • The portal will be triggered directly from your website, through an intuitive button. The benefit of this is that the user doesn’t have to download any app in order to experience the portal
  • App Based: We can develop a dedicated app for your event where users will find the portal available on tablets provided at the event or users can download the app directly to their smartphones.

The experience can be triggered by:

  1. Geolocation: this means that the experience can be accessed only by people present in a specific location of your choice.
  2. Plane detection: the portal can be placed on any plane surface.
  3. Marker based: users have to point their camera to a specific marker(an Image of your choice) to open the experience

Benefits for the users

  • Entertaining experience
  • Game-like experience where you are immersed in a digital universe

Benefits for your company

  • Users will remember your brand by interacting with you
  • Users can learn about your brand in a fun and engaging way
  • Differentiate from other event activations

Examples of AR Portals

Virtual museum of your company

Simulated office place

Product reveal and lunch

Employees onboarding

Anything you can imagine


The process

1. Understand your company’s needs and what would be the purpose of the experience

2. Brainstorm ideas and choose the best one with you

3. Decide the platform where the experience will take place

4. Create the graphics, taking into account your brand-book

5. Implement the AR experience